What They’re Saying: Gov. Edwards Shined Over Opponents, Abraham Stumbles, GOP Infighting Continues 

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Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards shined in the first gubernatorial debate last night. He touted his record of turning a $2 billion deficit into a surplus, expanding Medicaid to provide health care to over 450,000 Louisianans, and investments in higher education and transportation.
While Edwards touted his record of success, Abraham had trouble landing his lines and couldn’t defend why he missed more votes than any member of Congress. Rispone continued the GOP infighting and by the end of the debate, sounded like a broken record.
Read what they’re saying about last night’s debate:
“Edwards’ answers were more detailed and sure-footed than those of his opponents, neither of whom has ever served in state government” -The Advocate’s Stephanie Grace
“Abraham was asked why he didn’t resign from Congress to run for governor given that he has missed more votes than any other member of Congress this year. He didn’t directly offer an answer but said he still serves his constituents well.” -Sam Karlin, The Advocate
“Asked if he favored tying work requirements to Medicaid, Edwards said he supported community engagement for everyone on Medicaid. Edwards then attacked Abraham for missing more votes in Congress than any other congressman at the same time that he was supporting stricter Medicaid job requirements. The banter between the candidates elicited cheers in the crowd.” -Raymond Constantino and Katherine Manuel, LSU Reveille
After Gov. Edwards called out Abraham for missing more votes than any member of Congress, WWLTV Political Analyst Clancy Dubos said, “Abraham stumbled a little bit after that exchange.“
“Mark this one up for Governor Edwards.” -Dillard University Professor Robert Collins 
“Rispone took only one direct dig at Abraham, pointing out that the congressman suggested in 2016 that Donald Trump should consider stepping aside from the GOP presidential nomination. Rispone described himself as the only true loyalist to President Trump.” -BRProud.com
Gov. Edwards “looks like he’s been through a debate or three before.” 
-University of Louisiana-Monroe Professor Joshua Stockley 
LSU Professor Bob Mann on Gov. Edwards’ saying, “I also support work requirements for members of Congress”: “Best line of the debate and the only one that drew blood.” 
“Based on reaction as the broadcast ended, the theatre audience was far from convinced by either of the two Republicans. The moderators, expressing thanks and signing off, could barely be heard about [sic] the audience chanting – in support of John Bel Edwards – ‘Four more years! Four more years!’” -Sue Lincoln, Bayou Brief
After the debate, Eddie Rispone explained why he’s attacking fellow Republican Ralph Abraham: “Ralph said he was not going to take his salary. He took his salary. Ralph said he was going to show up to work. He didn’t show up to work…I just got tired of them attacking me and I’m [not] going to just sit back….I’m not going to back off.”