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What They’re Saying: Eddie Rispone’s No Good, Terrible First Week In The Runoff

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Now that we’re down to two people in the Louisiana runoff, Eddie Rispone hasn’t handled the spotlight well in his first week. Rispone’s having trouble adjusting since he can’t hide behind Rep. Ralph Abraham any longer.
He’s had trouble uniting Republicans…
Headline: “Unifying Louisiana’s Republicans in time for the gubernatorial runoff Nov. 16 could be a challenge.”  [KSLA, 10/15/19]
KSLA: “But that approach has consequences, especially against a respected fellow Republican like three-term Congressman Ralph Abraham. ‘And people, particularly in North Louisiana, that know Abraham and like him didn’t like that,’ [said Gary Joiner, chairman of LSU-Shreveport’s history department.]” [KSLA, 10/15/19]
KNOE: “Congressman Ralph Abraham endorsed Rispone in the general election. However, [ULM political science professor Josh] Stockley said Rispone may have trouble integrating Abraham’s supporters into his own voter base. ‘They do not appreciate the way Rispone treated Representative Abraham,’ said Stockley. ‘He went negative, and I think that turned off a lot of Republicans.’” [KNOE, 10/16/19]
KNOE: “Our pre-primary Gray TV poll asked voters who they would vote for in a run-off between Edwards and Rispone. With a margin of error of 4%, Edwards received 51% of the vote, with Rispone at 42% and 7% undecided.” [KNOE, 10/16/19]
And Rispone’s had difficulties uniting his press team…
Associated Press: “Rispone’s campaign hasn’t responded to multiple requests for comment Wednesday and Thursday about Grigsby.” [Associated Press, 10/17/19]
The Advocate: “Rispone has long counted Grigsby as a friend and mentor, and Grigsby is a key backer of Rispone’s bid for governor. His campaign did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment.” [The Advocate, 10/17/19]
The Advocate: “Rispone’s campaign did not respond to messages seeking comment Tuesday.” [The Advocate, 10/15/19]
The Advocate: “… the first planned debate in the gubernatorial runoff. It was not immediately clear if his Republican challenger, Eddie Rispone will also accept the invitation.” [The Advocate, 10/14/19]
Despite millions Rispone has spent against Gov. Edwards, Edwards’ approval rating is up.
Morning Consult: “In Louisiana, Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards may have come up short in the state’s jungle primary this past weekend, but ahead of a Nov. 16 runoff against Republican businessman Eddie Rispone, Morning Consult data finds him in a commanding position. Edwards’ net approval improved by 7 points since the second quarter, with 52 percent of voters approving and 31 disapproving.” [Morning Consult, 10/17/19]
What a year this week has been for Eddie Rispone. And it’s only downhill from here.