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What They’re Saying: Dem Govs React to Trump Climate Decision

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Democratic Governors Take the Lead on Climate Change

Today, as President Trump announced the United States’ departure from the Paris climate agreement, Democratic governors across the country assumed a leadership position in the fight against climate change. The governors reaffirmed their commitment to meeting the goals in the agreement and criticized President Trump for ceding America’s position of leadership on the global stage.
Below are some of their statements and reactions on social media:
@igorbobic: Virginia Gov. McAuliffe on Paris accord: “If the federal govern’t won’t lead on this issue, the states will.”
@igorbobic:  Washington Gov. Inslee: “If anything this action will give us additional political impetus to act in the state houses.”
@Jim_Brunner: @GovInslee and others on DGA call say states will pick up where feds are dropping commitment. Forming a United States Climate Alliance
@Jim_Brunner: Inslee, on DGA media call: (1/2) “For America, the country that defeated fascism and communism, to now have a president…” (cont’d)  (2/2) “…who has run up the white flag of defeat against this global threat of climate change is just pathetic.”
@KThomasDC: @TerryMcAuliffe on #parisclimate: “His actions did nothing but embarrass the United States of America.”
@bruceritchie: Conn. DEM Gov. Dan Malloy: “Don’t buy any oceanfront property in Florida because there is going to be a lot more in 20 years.”
@NYGovCuomo: I’m proud to stand with other governors as we make sure that the inaction in D.C. is met by an equal force of action from the states.

@GovHawaii: Hawaiʻi will continue to fulfill its kuleana on reaching our energy, water, land and other #sustainability goals #ParisAgreement
@GovMalloyOffice: Despite lacking a strong partner at the federal level, it is incumbent upon us to continue this incredibly important work. #ParisAgreement
@GovernorTomWolf: Disappointed @POTUS has chosen this path and abdicated America’s leadership in the world. This decision hurts our economy and PA residents.
@GovernorBullock: Ask any Montana farmer, rancher, hunter, angler or skier – climate change is real.
@OregonGovBrown: Climate change threatens Oregon’s economy & future. It’s irresponsible to deny these real-world implications.
@GinaRaimondo: We need to #ActOnClimate