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What They’re Saying: Chaos In Florida GOP Primary

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Journalists And GOP Consultants Agree, The Race To The Right Is On

In Florida, the entrance of Congressman Ron DeSantis has thrown a wrench in the GOP primary, causing chaos and making it a race to the right between DeSantis, Speaker Richard Corcoran and Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam.

Hoping to avoid a messy and costly primary, Adam Putnam has spent decades running for elected office, earning the title, a “walking definition of a career politician.” To win, he’ll need to convince Trump voters he’s something different.

Richard Corcoran, who thought he had the conservative lane locked up, will now have to spend his $5.5 million earlier than he thought to protect his path to victory.

And of course, Ron DeSantis plans on riding the momentum off his Trump endorsement from now through August ensuring every candidate will be trying to out-Trump each other.

Observers in Florida are already predicting this is going to create huge headaches in the Sunshine State. Here’s what they had to say over the weekend:

“Upsets the whole apple cart” – GOP Consultant, WJHG, 1/5/18 

“Stands to upend the already unpredictable primary” – Tampa Bay Times, 1/7/18

“Cutthroat GOP primary” –Orlando Sentinel, 1/5/18

“DeSantis…has forced potential GOP gubernatorial opponents to remind voters that they can be just as conservative.” – Miami Herald, 1/5/18

“Promises to be a big-spending GOP primary.” –Palm Beach Post, 1/5/18

“Florida Republicans’ fever dreams about a contested primary have become a very real nightmare,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “GOP consultants are admitting this forces their candidates even further to the right. The battle will be costly, and leave the last man standing far outside the mainstream.”