What They’re Saying About Bevin’s Trainwreck Week

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin can’t seem to catch a break. His Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton put out a statement lambasting Bevin’s chief of staff for authorizing the firings of her staff members without her permission. Now, Matt Bevin’s Secretary of Health and Family Services may have broken the law to defend Matt Bevin trying to erode coverage for Kentuckians with a pre-existing condition. Here are some of the headlines from Bevin’s trainwreck week:

  • Courier Journal: Matt Bevin says he’s anti-corruption, but his own office may have just broken the law
  • Splinter: What the Hell Is Going on in Kentucky?
  • Northern Kentucky Tribune: Bill Straub: Bevin had to know about firing of Lt. Governor’s deputy chief; could come back to bite him
  • The Hill: Governor’s feud with own lieutenant roils Kentucky
  • Advocate-Messenger: Al Cross: Bevin’s re-election campaign lackluster so far
  • Courier Journal: Joseph Gerth: Someone call 911. Jenean Hampton just caused Matt Bevin’s head to explode
  • Washington Examiner: Kentucky lieutenant governor rebels against Gov. Matt Bevin after two staffers fired
  • Associated Press: Flap over Lt. Gov. aide’s firing roils Kentucky leadership
  • WYMT: Lt. Gov. Hampton: Gov. Bevin’s chief of staff “overstepped his boundaries”
  • Wave 3 News: Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton calls Bevin aide ’unelected bureaucrat’
  • Fox 56: Lt. Gov. Hampton says Bevin chief of staff ‘overstepped his boundaries’
  • Herald Leader: War of words explodes in Bevin-Hampton battle, pulls in Mitch McConnell
  • Courier Journal: Bevin’s ‘partisan hack’ chief of staff overstepped in firing my aide, Jenean Hampton says
  • LEX18: Lt. Gov. Hampton Hits Back At Bevin Team Over Staff Firings
  • WDRB: Lt. Gov. Hampton calls out Bevin’s chief of staff for firing aide against her wishes
  • Inside Louisville: Lt. Gov. Hampton fires back at Bevin’s top aide, says she’ll serve out term
  • WBKO: Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton releases statement after admission of “unauthorized” firing by Bevin aide
  • WKMS: Lt. Gov. Hampton: Bevin’s Chief Of Staff ‘Clearly Overstepped His Boundaries’