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What They’re Saying About Adam Laxalt’s Rocky Campaign Rollout

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Laxalt Ducks Questions from Reporters, Stakes out Positions Far to the Right

 Yesterday, Adam Laxalt officially launched his campaign for Governor of Nevada, and let’s just say things did not go the way he might have liked. Despite his carefully choreographed and controlled appearances, he could not escape criticism for his extreme policies that would drag Nevada to the right and failing to answer critical questions.

Here’s what others are saying about Laxalt’s bumpy launch:

The Nevada Independent: “Laxalt, who is selective in granting interviews and does not speak nearly as freely as his fellow statewide constitutional officers or governor candidates about his policy decisions…”

Laxalt’s platform is to the right of Sandoval’s and includes opposing sanctuary cities and repealing the Commerce Tax, a levy on large businesses that the governor spearheaded in 2015 as part of a $1.1 billion tax package.

But Laxalt has not commented in detail about where he stands on several pressing policy questions facing Nevada. In a series of three brief interviews after the speech that added up to less than three minutes total, he spoke about two issues that have defined Sandoval’s term: a fight to preserve Medicaid funding that Nevada gained under the Affordable Care Act (which Laxalt opposed in his 2014 campaign), and a business tax that yields about $100 million a year and backs up spending including a slate of Sandoval-led education reforms.”

KTVN: “Just outside, others protested Laxalt’s conservative stances on things like gun control, health care, immigration and education…

KRNV: “The group of protesters outside the event say Laxalt is out of touch with what Nevadans really care about.”

News3: “Outside, opponents called Laxalt too extreme, unqualified.”