What They Are Saying: Stacey Abrams Outlines Bold Economic Plan, Slams Brian Kemp’s Extreme Agenda for Driving Business Away

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In a speech outlining her economic vision to help all Georgians thrive, Stacey Abrams presented clear plans to invest in Georgians without raising taxes — including expanding Medicaid, legalizing casino and sports gambling, providing a tax refund, increasing wages for law enforcement, and expanding access to education.

“Hear me clearly, we don’t have to raise taxes,” she said. “All we have to do is raise our expectations of those who lead us.”

Abrams also slammed Brian Kemp’s extreme agenda of banning abortion and signing dangerous gun laws, which is costing Georgians jobs and threatening opportunities.

Here’s what people are saying about Abrams’ economic address:

  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Throughout her address, Abrams said Kemp-backed ‘extreme and unpopular’ policies are exacting untold damage on the state’s business reputation and already costing Georgia economic development opportunities. She has frequently invoked Music Midtown’s decision to cancel the annual music festival as an example, along with attempts by Democratic governors to woo businesses concerned with the state’s newly enacted restrictions on abortion.”
  • Associated Press: “Abrams also weaved in attacks on restrictive abortion laws and loose gun laws, arguing that they too are threats to making Georgia thrive.”
  • CBS 46: “Abrams continues to argue Kemp’s policies have only been good for the rich.”
  • 11 Alive: “Expanding Medicaid and mental health services, especially in rural Georgia, was another highlight of her agenda. Abrams even evoked a conversation she had with the family of Brianna Grier … Grier died six days after falling from a deputy’s patrol car in Hancock County. It was Grier’s story, as well as stories surrounding the state’s abortion ban and gun laws that weaved throughout her speech; elaborating on a narrative that Governor Brian Kemp’s policies are bad for business and Georgians.”
  • NPR’s Stephen Fowler: “Abrams has slammed Kemp’s support of abortion restrictions, looser gun laws, etc. and tied [them] to the economy. ‘I will repeal these laws and I will strengthen gun safety, because I know we can protect the Second Amendment and protect second graders at the same time.’”