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What They Are Saying: New Poll Shows Charlie Baker Underwater with GOP Support

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“…Those are still terrible numbers for Charlie” 

New polling shows that Charlie Baker is in deep trouble with voters in his own party and faces a tough shot at getting reelected if he chooses to run. The poll finds 54% of GOP primary voters view Baker unfavorably, and has the GOP governor trailing Trump-endorsed primary challenger Geoff Diehl by over 20 points.

Signaling the potential for a nasty primary Diehl took the opportunity to slam Baker, saying “our current governor seems to be out of touch…”

Here’s what people are saying about the new poll:

  • Politico: “Baker’s not in the stratosphere anymore…Fifty-four percent of respondents to a Public Policy Polling survey of likely 2022 Republican primary voters said they had an unfavorable opinion of Baker, compared to 30 percent who view him favorably.”
  • Daily Kos: “Baker could be in for a world of pain if he runs for a third term”
  • Boston Herald: “Geoff Diehl is the Republican frontrunner in next year’s governor’s race, according to a recent poll that has him leading incumbent Gov. Charlie Baker by as many as 20 points in a GOP primary.”
  • New Boston Post: “Many Republicans in Massachusetts don’t like Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, according to a Public Policy Polling survey…”
  • Boston Herald Columnist and Talk Show Host Howie Carr: “Wow! @MassGovernor trailing Geoff Diehl 29-50 in latest poll of MA GOP voters..those are still terrible numbers for Charlie.”
  • National Journal: A Public Policy Polling survey sponsored by the DGA (Oct. 12-13; 556 LVs) found 2018 SEN nominee Geoff Diehl (R) leading Gov. Charlie Baker (R) in a hypothetical GOP primary, 50%-29%… 75% of respondents said they would prefer the Republican nominee ‘to embrace Donald Trump’s agenda.’”

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said, “As he weighs the decision to run for reelection, these numbers show Charlie Baker must either stop the bleeding by embracing unpopular and far-right positions or lose even more support from his own party — and with it, the Republican nomination. No matter what choice he makes, Baker’s chances of another four years are getting more narrow every day that passes.”