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What They Are Saying: Gov. Jared Polis Kicks Off Campaign for Reelection

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Yesterday, Gov. Polis officially announced his campaign for reelection, highlighting the enormous progress he has made in delivering actual results for Colorado families.

Since taking office, Gov. Polis’ leadership has cut taxes, saving Coloradans thousands each year; he’s lowered health care premiums by an average of 24% for individuals; he’s guaranteed free Kindergarten and in 2023, free pre-school, and he’s facilitated a successful economic recovery following the pandemic, including attracting and retaining tens of thousands of good jobs all while Colorado expanded earned paid leave.

Here’s what people are saying about Gov. Polis’ reelection announcement:

  • Associated Press: “Democrat Jared Polis formally announced his bid Tuesday for a second term as Colorado’s governor, citing his record in confronting the coronavirus pandemic, efforts to curb health care costs and a commitment to expanding early childhood education.”
  • Pueblo Chieftain: “Among the achievements that have benefited Coloradans under Polis have been a reinsurance program for people who don’t have health care coverage through their work; a cap on insulin prices; and investments in schools and preschool opportunities.”
  • Colorado Public Radio: “Polis is also trying to remind voters of some of his larger priorities that were approved in his first term but are still being implemented, including free full-day kindergarten, preparations for “universal” pre-K and the drafting of the “Colorado option” health care plan.”
  • Colorado Politics: “…under [Gov. Polis’] administration, Colorado has eliminated personal property taxes paid by businesses, boosted the state’s earned income tax credit and child tax credit, cut the assessment rate on homes, reduced the income tax rate and eliminated state taxes on social security payments to older residents. In addition, health care insurance premiums have dropped by an average 24% in the individual market and the price of insulin has been capped at $100 a month.”