What Pennsylvanians Are Saying: Doug Mastriano “Lacks Integrity,” “His Language Is Intended to Incite Violence”

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“In November, Vote Not Just Against Antisemitism, But Against Hate That Can Quickly Target Any and All of Us”

After weeks of criticism from both Republicans and Democrats for paying Gab thousands of dollars to recruit their antisemitic extremists to join his campaign, Doug Mastriano is now being called out by Pennsylvania voters for his association with antisemitic extremists. Across the Commonwealth — including in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and State College — Pennsylvanians are writing into their local newspapers about Mastriano’s dangerous extremism, emphasizing that he “lacks integrity” and “his language is intended to incite violence.”

Mastriano has still refused to denounce Gab and its CEO Andrew Torba or comment on Torba’s claim that Mastriano shares his media strategy of only responding to Christian reporters. Mastriano also won’t explain why he became the only politician in America to pay Gab to recruit their followers to his campaign — and Pennsylvanians are begging for answers, saying, “Why on Earth would Mr. Mastriano want anything to do with them?”

In case you missed it, check out just a few examples of the growing outrage from Pennsylvanians to Doug Mastriano:

LNP | LancasterOnline [Letter to the Editor]: On comments by Andrew Torba

By Thomas Harr, Manheim Township

Recent comments by Gab CEO Andrew Torba, who has reported ties to state Sen. Doug Mastriano’s campaign for Pennsylvania governor, sent a wave of revulsion through my body. Torba said that conservative Jewish commentators were not welcome in the Christian nationalism movement unless they renounced their faith.

Torba’s “reassuring” remarks that there were no plans to deport Jews were anything but. Gab, a social media platform, hosted virulently antisemitic rants by the gunman who murdered 11 Jews at a Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018. […]

We can’t just say we are not like the people posting on Gab — we have to stand up against them. In November, vote not just against antisemitism, but against hate that can quickly target any and all of us.

The Sunbury Daily Item [Letter to the Editor]: Lacking integrity

By Linda Barton, State College

[…] Doug Mastriano is another who lacks integrity. The website Gab.com, managed by Andrew Torba, is a haven for bigots and white-supremacists. Its postings spawned the 2018 Tree of Life shootings. Any respectable gubernatorial candidate would avoid such an association. But Doug Mastriano hired Torba in April, paying him $5,000 for consulting services. Fishing for votes in such a cesspool reflects a total lack of morals and integrity. […]

Jewish Exponent [Letter to the Editor]: Mastriano and Unprotected Speech

By David Herman, Elkins Park

I would add to your description of Doug Mastriano’s political ad (“Mastriano Called Out for Link to Extremist Social Media Site,” July 28), the fact that though he himself did not make antisemitic statements, he implicitly approved of and agreed with the violent, abusive antisemitic ideas and language.

It is the prevailing standard in political campaigns and ads for the candidate to write or state their name, saying, “I have read or reviewed this ad and approve of its content.” Failing such a disclaimer, Mastriano’s ads must be blocked because they represent an unprotected form of speech, as his language is intended to incite violence.

New Castle News [Letter to the Editor]: Mastriano runs from media question

By Paul Skuta, New Castle

Saw the Republican candidate for governor at the Crane Room running away from big, bad WTAE on Aug. 2. Seems he only answers questions he decides are “fair”.

Kinda snowflaky, no? He won’t publicly debate his opponent either.

Elections would be so much better if good, strong candidates didn’t have to contend with the press and other political parties. Maybe someday, if he and his friend, the CEO of GAB, have their way …