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What “Nauseating” Questions is Jeff Landry Trying to Avoid?

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What “Nauseating” Questions is Jeff Landry Trying to Avoid?

After qualifying to be on the October ballot, Jeff Landry rushed in and out of the Secretary of State’s office to avoid reporters who were gathered inside, and explained his desperation to avoid questions by claiming that he’s been asked“just about every nauseating question known to man” by the state’s press corps.

Considering that Jeff Landry spends more time dodging events than he does answering questions about his record, here are just a few of the questions he has yet to answer:

Why does Jeff Landry keep violating campaign ethics laws?

In 2022, Landry was admonished by Louisiana’s ethics board for using nearly $12,000 in campaign funds to pay for his personal vehicle. Over the last 15 years, Landry has funneled more than $400,000 to a staffing company that he owns, allowing himself to obscure who he keeps on his payroll.

Why is Jeff Landry trying to rewrite his record of opposing Medicaid expansion?

After being a staunch opponent of the ACA, helping lead a federal lawsuit to overturn it, and baselessly blaming Louisiana’s opioid crisis on the Medicaid expansion that has provided coverage to half a million working Louisianans, Landry is now claiming that he would not try to roll back Medicaid expansion if elected. Louisianans know Landry has spent years fighting against increased access to quality, affordable health care, and try as he might, Landry won’t be able to erase the reality of his own record.

Why did Jeff Landry hire lawyers to fight a federal investigation in Louisiana who also worked for a firm with “direct stake in the outcome”?                                                                                                                                                                                           Recent reporting revealed that amidst a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency investigation into toxic pollution in the state’s infamous “Cancer Alley,” Jeff Landry’s office hired two lawyers “who were simultaneously representing one of the main corporations at the center of the investigation” — a blatant conflict of interest that Landry can’t deny.

Why did Landry partner with a felon who imported foreign workers and defrauded the immigration system?

Landry and his brother worked with a convicted felon who cheated the immigration system to import foreign laborers to build a natural gas project in Louisiana — just one example of how Landry and his brother have engaged in ethically shady business practices that have presented troubling conflicts of interest.

“Jeff Landry can try all he likes to dodge events and duck reporters, but he won’t be able to run forever,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “Sooner or later, Landry will have to answer to Louisianans about all the nauseating controversies and scandals that stain his record.”