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What Is She Hiding? Rhode Islanders Are Still Waiting to See Ashley Kalus’ Tax Returns

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After Gov. Dan McKee released his tax returns yesterday, he’s calling on Rhode Island Republican gubernatorial nominee Ashley Kalus to do the same. Kalus has yet to release her tax returns.

Gov. McKee released his tax returns, as he has done routinely since 2018, and there were no new reveals or surprises.

However, Rhode Islanders don’t even know what state Kalus paid taxes to last year. Was it Florida, where she was registered to vote until she declared she was running for governor of Rhode Island? Or was it Illinois, where she had a tax exemption on her property taxes meant for permanent residents? One thing is for certain — Kalus is a recent arrival to Rhode Island who hasn’t been honest with voters about her residency history.

Gov. McKee’s campaign is calling on Kalus to release her last four years of tax returns before Election Day, and with a week left until the filing deadline, Kalus’ campaign has yet to act on their pledge to release her returns.

“Ashley Kalus can’t keep hiding her past from Rhode Islanders,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “From being exposed for taking advantage of a tax break in Illinois to voting in Florida as recently as 2020, she has lost all credibility with voters.”