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What Did He Know and When? New Report Reveals Daniel Cameron’s Latest Conflict of Interest

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What Did He Know and When? New Report Reveals Daniel Cameron’s Latest Conflict of Interest

A new report from The Daily Beast revealed that “in March and April, Cameron accepted $6,900 from officials at an addiction recovery center tied to an ongoing state investigation. Despite the donations, Cameron did not recuse himself from that investigation before he attacked the judge. Instead, he waited until an open records request threatened to reveal the existence of that investigation” before withdrawing.

As the report explains, Cameron accepted donations from the owner, general counsel, and other staff at Edgewater Recovery Center, which is currently under investigation by the Kentucky Office of Medicaid Fraud and Abuse, which falls under the Office of the Attorney General – Daniel Cameron. According to the report, Cameron eventually returned the money but “nearly a full month after winning the primary election that the donations helped fund.”

The Daily Beast noted: “The full timeline of events raises questions about Cameron’s conflict of interest, what he knew, and when,” but “neither Cameron’s office nor his campaign replied” when asked for comment.

This is just the latest in a series of scandals Cameron and his office have faced. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Cameron received a combination of $100,000 in donations from gaming company Pace-O-Matic executives and their families. The gaming company is currently suing the commonwealth, and according to the report, Cameron is “named as one defendant.”

Cameron has faced heat for his central role in the scandal involving Matt Bevin’s pardons for murderers and rapists. Despite promising Kentuckians hewould “look at” the scandal, after over three and a half years in office Cameron has yet to hire a special prosecutor or provide any answers to the victims and their families – instead hiring the same Bevin attorneys who pushed for thepardons to senior roles in his own office. Recently, Daniel Cameron’s team attempted to get TV ads on the topic from DGA-backed group Defending Bluegrass Values taken down, but failed because the ad is accurate.

“It’s a day that ends in ‘y’ so it’s no surprise that team Cameron is once again being forced to explain yet another scandal coming out of the AG’s office,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “As scandals continue to pile up, Kentuckians deserve to know what their chief law enforcement official Daniel Cameron knew and when about his latest conflict of interest.”