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What A Neighbor: Phil Scott Learned How To Sell His Paid Family Leave Veto From Chris Sununu

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This week, Vermont Gov. Phil Scott fundraised off his veto of a paid family leave bill. Scott learned how to sell vetoes from neighboring New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, who was caught auctioning off his copy of a paid family veto to the highest bidder this summer.
Sununu callously said, “Is this legal? I’m selling vetoes. I don’t care.” After learning from Sununu’s example, Scott pitched his veto of paid family leave as a reason to donate to his campaign. 
Scott and Sununu have been in lockstep in their opposition to paid family leave. They both blocked paid family leave from becoming reality then, to try and save face,  jointly proposed a half-baked paid family leave plan. The Scott and Sununu stunt was widely panned but special interest groups “greatly encouraged the effort.” 
“Phil Scott learned from Chris Sununu that he could fundraise off vetoes at the expense of the people he represents,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “Scott’s crass choice to fundraise off his veto is an added insult to the working Vermonters who have to choose between their paycheck and taking care of loved ones. Scott promised to address Vermont’s ‘affordability crisis’, but instead, he’s just leaving working families behind.”