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West Virginia Republicans Are Revolting Against Jim Justice

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Republican state senator:  “Jim Justice is an embarrassment to our state and should resign”

Republican Senate President: “He’s never had a real agenda item other than raising taxes the first year”

Justice’s primary opponent: “Our problems are too big for a part-time governor”

West Virginia Republicans have been in an open revolt against Gov. Jim Justice all spring, and now it’s getting worse.
Local committees voiced ‘no confidence’ in his leadership earlier this year. Now a Republican state senator is calling for Justice to resign, saying he is an embarrassment to West Virginia.
This news comes on the same day as Justice’s primary opponent and former member of his cabinet, Woody Thrasher, launched new radio, internet and TV ads. The primary opponent lambasted Justice in the paid spot saying, “Our problems are too big for a part-time governor.”
Last week, Justice was also busy feuding with Republican Senate President Mitch Carmichael who said Justice “hasn’t pursued any legislation ever” and “never had a real agenda other than raising taxes the first year.”
It’s clear: The West Virginia GOP and Jim Justice now have bad blood. Justice has problems and we don’t think he can solve them.
“Jim Justice’s failed leadership is dividing the West Virginia Republican Party,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “If Justice can’t hold Republicans, his path to re-election is nonexistent. The current state of affairs is simply not looking good and if history is prologue, it’s not going to get any better.”