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West Virginia GOP Primary Race Gets Nasty

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Incumbent Gov. Jim Justice Releases New Ad Throwing Primary Opponent Down the Sewer

Tensions in the West Virginia GOP gubernatorial primary are bubbling over. 
Incumbent Gov. Jim Justice released a new ad going after primary opponent Woody Thrasher for designing a faulty sewage system that resulted in raw sewage flooding homes in Marion County. This is the second attack ad against Thrasher Justice’s campaign released this month. The governor must be afraid of being blown away by Thrasher. Thrasher’s such a party pooper. Sorry – we just couldn’t hold it in.
Justice’s campaign also called out Thrasher for refusing “to take responsibility”, “lining his own pockets”, and ultimately agreeing to pay millions for his offenses. Funny coming from Justice – who earlier this month was forced to pay millions in fines for his company’s indiscretions. And as for “lining his own pockets”? Justice has been doing that since day one. So looks like neither GOP candidate is a straight shooter.
“Justice’s campaign is circling the drain,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “If an incumbent governor has to spend big to defeat his primary opponent, something stinks, and it’s not just the sewage. Clearly, Thrasher is starting to create a real movement. I’m sure the governor is hoping this ad doesn’t turn out to be a waste. But seriously – West Virginians don’t need any more crap from candidates like Justice and Thrasher who are only in it for themselves.”