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Welcome Back Bruce – Can You Clear Some Things Up?

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After 5 days off, Governor Bruce Rauner returned to the campaign trail today with a speech before a coal symposium in Southern Illinois. Now that he’s back in the saddle, perhaps he can clear up some of the controversies that dogged his campaign before he left town:

  • Is Rauner avoiding Ivanka Trump’s visit to Metro East today like he did to her father, President Donald Trump? Speaking of which, did he ever come up with a better excuse for dodging Trump’s visit than saying he was just in the area?
  • Did Rauner ever ask for his money back from Dr. Willie Wilson? How about the $100,000 he gave to disgraced Ex-Gov. Eric Greitens, or the hundreds of thousands he gave to the Illinois Policy Institute he claims he regretted?
  • Does Rauner really believe he bears no responsibility for the scandal surrounding state Rep. Nick Sauer, whom Rauner appointed to the Tollway Authority in 2015?
  • Was Rauner’s signing of HB4278, requiring public notification within 24-hour of an outbreak in a veterans’ home, admitting his administration waited 6 days to alert the public about a Legionnaires’ outbreak in 2015 that killed 12?
  • Does Rauner have any idea how he’ll explain four years of failure to Illinois’ voters?

“Bruce Rauner has a lot of explaining to do, like why Illinois is worse under his failed leadership,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “With only 90 days to go, Bruce Rauner faces the impossible task of regaining voters’ trust after forcing the state to go years without a budget.”