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WATCH: Richard Irvin Slammed By Republican Opponents at Last Night’s Debate

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A new video from the DGA released today highlights top moments from last night’s GOP debate, where candidates for governor slammed Richard Irvin on everything from his corrupt pay to play politics to his trusty duck-and-dodge tactics to his hypocritical voting record. Looks like even his fellow Republicans don’t trust Irvin. Click here to watch the video.

Darren Bailey, who’s neck and neck with Irvin in polling, hit Irvin hard on his record as mayor of Aurora, saying: “Your pay to play politics in the city of Aurora, that has led to all this nonsense — taking from taxpayers and giving to people that support you — that’s nonsense. You should not become governor.”

Gary Rabine slammed Irvin on for the fifteen years he spent letting violent criminals off the hook, saying: “There’s no one else here running that’s freed up rapists as well as wifebeaters.”

Jesse Sullivan even called Irvin an establishment Republican “who is also a corrupt insider.”

Bailey took his attacks a step further, saying: “I’m not interested in defeating you just because you’re a Democrat. I’m interested in defeating you because you’re a corrupt Democrat.”

One thing is clear: no matter the political party, voters know Irvin can’t be trusted.

“The candidates at last night’s GOP debate were able to unite behind one thing: slamming Richard Irvin for his record of corruption and hypocrisy,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Even Republicans know Richard Irvin can’t be trusted. Illinois voters know that, too — and they’ll remember it at the ballot box.”