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WATCH: RGA Is Ground Zero for the GOP’s Plot to Ban Abortion Nationwide

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The DGA launched a new video exposing the RGA for its role as ground-zero for the GOP’s plan to ban abortion nationwide.

Watch the new video here.

The RGA is convening GOP governors and gubernatorial candidates to rip away protections for women’s reproductive freedoms. Recent reporting from the Washington Post exposes how RGA senior advisor Chris Christie is teaming up with the nation’s most radical anti-abortion extremists. Together, they’re scheming with GOP governors to enact a nationwide abortion ban, state-by-state.

Extreme far-right candidates for governor in every corner of the country are all in on the RGA’s mandate to strip away women’s reproductive freedoms. They’ve made banning abortion — even in cases of rape and incest — the “single most important issue” on the campaign trail.

“The RGA is leading the GOP’s charge to ban abortion and Republican candidates for governor have made it clear they’re 100% on board,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Across the country, GOP candidates are campaigning on ripping away women’s reproductive rights and dragging America back half a century. The DGA will continue to expose these extreme anti-choice Republicans and hold them accountable for their dangerous agendas.”