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Watch: Rauner Dodges Question on Guns Over and Over and Over….

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Today, Governor Bruce Rauner took questions from reporters today; he did not, however, give many answers. Rauner first dodged questions about his hand-picked Attorney General candidate, who reportedly told Miss Illinois judges it was better for a foster child to stay in an abusive home than with a loving same-sex couple.
Then, Rauner was asked about a gun dealer licensing bill sitting on his desk. To say that Rauner stuck to his talking points would be an understatement:

Watch Rauner’s Dodges


“Question: Governor, as we meet here, the Mayor, the Police Superintendent and a bunch of other people are holding a press conference to urge you to sign SB1657, the gun shop bill, and the other legislation the General Assembly passed. As you know there’s been some action in Florida. The Governor there signed a bill that a lot of people thought a few years ago or a few months ago he would never sign. What are you going to do with this legislation? 
“Rauner: What I will do, and continue to do for many days, is to work with our members of the General Assembly on a bipartisan basis to come up with real solutions together, on a bipartisan basis. And I’m advocating that we try to accomplish four things. One is to ban bump stocks. Number two is to find ways to keep our schools safer – there are many things we can do in that regard. Third we should find ways, better ways, more thoughtful ways, to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. Mental illness, unfortunately I believe, has played a major role in a number of these horrible, horrible tragedies. And I believe we should find ways to work together to better support our police officers, our law enforcement officers who put their safety at risk to keep our families safe. I believe we can work together to do those four things.
“Question: Since its NCAA time, have you gone to the four-corner offense here? Are you playing stall ball, trying to take the air out of the ball until after the March 20th primary on this issue?
“Rauner: I’ve been clear on this issue –
“Question: Governor, you’re not clear. As clear as mud. I mean what does that have to do with the bill that’s on your desk. Are you going to sign it or are you not?
“Rauner: Comprehensive solution, that’s what I support. A comprehensive solution.
“Question: So are you saying you’re waiting for all the legislation to pass through the legislature. All the pending gun bills before you consider any of them.
“Rauner: Comprehensive solution is what I’m advocating for. 
“Question: Governor, you did say the other night apparently that you felt that the feds already sort of handle this gun dealer licensing. Is that where you stand?
“Rauner: Well it is true that gun dealers are already federally licensed. That is true.
“Question: So that doesn’t need any state intervention as well.
“Rauner: Again, I’m going to look at a comprehensive solution.
“Question: Governor, this one seems pretty much like a stand-alone bill that makes a lot of common sense to a lot of people. Why not just sign this one now and work out the details with the other later?
“Rauner: Again, comprehensive solution is what I’m advocating.”

Over the weekend, two opinion voices slammed Rauner for failing to lead on gun violence prevention. Whatever could they be talking about?