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WATCH: New Video from the DGA Highlights Gov. Laura Kelly’s Bipartisan $1 Billion Tax Cut for Over 1 Million Kansans

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A new video from the DGA is spotlighting how Governor Laura Kelly recently signed a massive bipartisan tax cut into law that gives relief on property taxes for over 1 million Kansans and gives additional relief for veterans and the elderly. Click here to watch the video.

When Gov. Kelly signed the “bipartisan bill lowering property taxes” last week, leaders from both parties celebrated the win for Kansas families, including the Republican Chair of the House Taxation Committee who said: “I was proud to work with legislators from both parties on legislation that provides needed tax relief for homeowners…”

While Gov. Kelly is cutting taxes by more than $1 billion in taxes for Kansans over the next three years, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported that “Derek Schmidt, the frontrunner in the GOP gubernatorial primary, doesn’t support efforts from Republicans or Democrats to cut taxes further.” 

“After years of fiscal mismanagement, Governor Kelly fixed the state budget and continues to provide relief to Kansans — all by working across the aisle,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “From cutting property taxes to axing the food tax, Gov. Kelly is saving Kansans money where it counts.”