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WATCH: New DGA Video Highlights IL GOP Gubernatorial Nominee Darren Bailey’s Radical Far-Right Record on Guns

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Bailey Wants to “End FOID Cards” and Other Common Sense Safety Reforms

A new video from the DGA released today highlights GOP gubernatorial nominee Darren Bailey’s far-right extremist record on guns — the latest example of Bailey’s out-of-touch, uber-conservative views. Watch the video here.

Bailey has long been a loud ‘gun rights activist.’ As a state senator, he consistently voted against common sense gun reforms — even proposing his own legislation to fully repeal background check legislation already on the books. On the campaign trail, he has hosted gun raffle events and posted videos showing him proudly shooting guns on social media.

“Darren Bailey has shown he is hellbent on eliminating critical common sense gun reforms and making it easier for criminals to get guns,” said DGA Illinois Press Secretary Yael Sheinfeld. “On this issue and so many others, Bailey has proven himself to be out-of-touch with the vast majority of Illinoisans. There’s no question that his far-right, extremist views are far too conservative for our state.”

See below for the full transcript of the one-minute video

Darren Bailey: “I will never, ever give up my AR-15 or any other gun — so you need to know that.”

“When someone shows up at my front door and expects me to turn in a gun or even so much as register a serial number, it will not happen.”

“I am the most pro-Second Amendment legislator in Springfield and gubernatorial candidate.”

“This is all about the right leadership doing the right thing and the gun laws, taking guns off the street — that’s not it.”

“The FOID Card system is simply to pilfer money from people’s pockets. It’s not working. The FOID Card’s not working and it needs to go.”

“I’m a lifelong NRA member. I’m a lifelong Illinois State Rifle Association member. I’ve been endorsed by those groups, too. So you have someone here that will certainly get rid of that FOID program.”