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WATCH: Michigan Gov. Whitmer Welcomes Democratic Presidential Candidates to Detroit

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Gov. Whitmer: “The world now knows that the path to the presidency goes through the Great Lakes state, the great state of Michigan.”

In case you missed it, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer welcomed the Democratic presidential candidates to Detroit for the CNN Democratic Presidential Debates.
Whitmer received a standing ovation when she walked on stage. During her welcome speech, Whitmer highlighted her platform running for governor and the kind of president Michiganders and Americans deserve.
Whitmer has received national praise for winning this critical swing state in a decisive victory in 2018. Earlier this week, The Washington Post profiled Whitmer’s playbook, which focused on kitchen table issues such as education and infrastructure, as key to her 10-point victory last November.
Watch Whitmer’s pre-debate welcome speech here.