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WATCH: Mark Robinson Refuses to Apologize for Antisemitic Posts

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WATCH: Mark Robinson Refuses to Apologize for Antisemitic Posts

A new video from the Democratic Governors Association holds North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson accountable for his ongoing refusal to apologize for the content of his many social media posts downplaying the Holocaust and promoting dangerous and antisemitic conspiracy theories.


Asked at a recent press conference about the posts, which have put Jewish North Carolinians on “high alert” and earned broad condemnation from across the political spectrum, Robinson refused to back down, saying, “I apologize for the wording, not necessarily for the content.”

“Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is an outspoken conspiracy theorist with a lengthy paper trail of antisemitic social media posts,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “No matter how hard Robinson tries to downplay or explain away his comments, his words speak for themself — and North Carolina’s Jewish community is less safe with every passing day that he refuses to issue an unequivocal apology or clearly and publicly denounce these extreme, fringe beliefs.”