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Watch: Inslee Talks Gun Violence on CNN and MSNBC

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Last night, DGA Chair and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee went on MSNBC and CNN to talk about his conversation with President Trump about gun violence. Inslee pushed back on Trump’s proposal to arm teachers to prevent school shootings. He suggested Trump should do a “little less tweeting and a little more listening” to the educators and law enforcement officials who oppose this idea.
Watch part of the CNN segment HERE

INSLEE: Their job is to educate. They need more pencils, less pistols in the classroom and we’ve got that challenge. I heard the president say we’ll just train these people up. The law enforcement community is opposed to this as well, because the law enforcement community knows that weapons do have risk. You’d have to train people for six months as a fully official police officer.
Watch the MSNBC segment HERE:

INSLEE: We are going to move forward in a common sense way. And by the way these things have overwhelming support in the public. We have overwhelming support from educators, that this is a really terrible idea by the president, and we have overwhelming support from the public that they want us to take these common sense measures. This is not a controversial matter.