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WATCH: In Major Speech at NHDP’s Annual Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner, Dr. Sherman Highlights the Importance of Protecting Reproductive Freedoms

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As a provider with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Tom Sherman knows a thing or two about the importance of access to medical care — and in a major speech at the NHDP’s annual Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner that drew national attention and speakers, he emphasized his priorities and why he’s fighting to protect abortion rights. Click here to watch.

“I used to joke that as a doctor, I didn’t have one stethoscope for Democrats and another for Republicans — I treated them all the same,” Dr. Sherman said. “But it’s not funny that more and more each day, whether or not you can access basic healthcare depends on which state you live in.”

In his speech, Dr. Sherman also emphasized how protecting abortion is critical to New Hampshire’s economy and slammed Sununu’s “mismanagement tax” that’s hurting Granite Staters.

Meanwhile, Gov. Chris Sununu took to Fox News the same night to disregard issues like protecting access to abortion as “social nonsense.” Sununu has bragged about being the first GOP governor in decades to sign an abortion ban.