WATCH: Hobbs Campaign Launches Digital Ad Highlighting Kari Lake Saying Women “Aren’t Equal to Men”

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Today, Katie Hobbs’ campaign launched a new digital ad exposing Kari Lake’s dangerous comments that women “aren’t equal to men” and “don’t want to be equal to them.”

Watch the video here.

Lake has repeatedly said that she doesn’t see men and women as equals, a view that’s reflected in her anti-women agenda of banning abortion without exceptions for rape or incest.

The ad is the first in a series highlighting Lake’s seemingly never-ending list of extreme positions.

“If her backwards agenda didn’t give it away, Kari Lake has openly admitted she doesn’t believe men and women are equal,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “The Grand Canyon state deserves a governor who will unite, not divide, and fight for all Arizonans equally.”