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WATCH: Gov. Brian Kemp’s Only Anti-COVID Strategy is “Keeping His Fingers Crossed”

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During a recent interview with 11Alive, Gov. Brian Kemp maintained his opposition to common-sense public health measures. Instead, he said he’s “keeping his fingers crossed” that the situation will improve despite his lack of leadership.

Skyrocketing COVID cases in Georgia have put Gov. Kemp on the defensive as public health experts, Georgia parents, public school leaders, and others plead with him to take action to curb the outbreak.

“I’m keeping my fingers crossed,” he said. “We are starting to see a few bright spots in places around the state around the state where they may be peaking, so we are hopeful things will turn relatively soon.”

But keeping fingers crossed won’t save lives. 90% of Georgians in the hospital are unvaccinated. Only 43% of Georgians are vaccinated against the virus, and 50% have not received even a single dose. Still, Gov. Kemp insists vaccine and mask mandates will divide Georgians rather than save lives. Regarding the thousands who have lost their lives, Kemp said, “unfortunately, they were unvaccinated.”

Watch the clip here and below.