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WATCH: DGA Chair Gov. Roy Cooper Highlights Importance of Electing Dem Govs on Meet the Press

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On NBC News’ Meet the Press yesterday, DGA Chair North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper stressed the critical importance of electing Democratic governors this year, particularly as fundamental rights and freedoms are increasingly left up to the states.

“It is really important that we have Democratic governors across this country, particularly when you look at the effects of the U.S. Supreme Court,” said Gov. Cooper. “What we thought were constitutional rights and freedoms are now going to be tossed to state capitols and state legislatures and it matters who your governor is.”

Watch the clip here.

Gov. Cooper added: “The goal here is to defend our democracy, to make sure that we defend rights and freedoms, that we get competent people as CEOs of our state. We know how important it is and I think it is critical that people look closely at their candidates for governor as we approach this midterm because those governors are going to be making big decisions that effect everyday people’s lives.”