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WATCH: DGA-Backed Group Launches Digital Ads Exposing Tim Michels’ Radical Position on Allowing Guns on School Grounds

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Alliance for Common Sense is launching a series of digital ads, backed by a high five-figure buy, criticizing GOP nominee for Wisconsin governor Tim Michels for his radical position on guns. At a time when gun violence plagues communities and puts Wisconsin children at risk, the ads expose Michels for promising to sign bills that Gov. Evers vetoed, which include a bill that would allow guns on elementary school grounds in Wisconsin.

Watch the 15-second ad, “Too Radical,” here.

Watch the 6-second ad, “Guns to School,” here.

“Tim Michels would make Wisconsin less safe by allowing guns on Wisconsin school grounds,”  said Alliance for Common Sense Spokesperson Christina Amestoy. “His radical anti-safety agenda is a threat to Wisconsin kids and families and their right to feel safe while learning. Wisconsinites deserve to know just how dangerous Tim Michels really is.”