WATCH: DGA-Backed Alliance for Common Sense Launches TV Ad Hitting Tim Michels for Funding Radical Group That Tracks Women Near Abortion Clinics

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The DGA-backed Alliance for Common Sense is launching a new TV ad slamming Tim Michels for funding a group that uses cell phone data to track women when they go near abortion clinics.

Watch the 30-second ad, “Ankle Bracelet,” here

“Tim Michels has already said he supports Wisconsin’s 1849 abortion ban, which would throw doctors and nurses in jail — and now it’s clear he wants to treat women like they’re criminals too.,” said Alliance for Common Sense Spokesperson Christina Amestoy. “Michels is too radical for Wisconsin.” 

See below for the full transcript of the thirty-second video: 

Narrator: They call it an ankle bracelet. It’s a way for police to track dangerous criminals.

Tim Michels has the same idea, only his is about tracking women.

Michels’ family foundation funded an organization that tracks women when they get near abortion clinics using data from their cell phone… 

Which means Michels doesn’t just want to criminalize abortion even in cases of rape or incest — he wants to treat women like they’re criminals.

Tim Michels’ agenda is just too radical.