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WATCH: Derek Schmidt Refuses to Say if He’d Veto Sam Brownback’s Failed Tax Experiment

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Today, on the debate stage in front of all of Kansas, Derek Schmidt refused to say – after being asked directly by Gov. Kelly – if he’d veto Sam Brownback’s failed tax experiment that devastated Kansas public schools and created the state’s fiscal mess.

Watch Derek Schmidt dodge the question on whether he’d repeat Sam Brownback’s tax disaster.

Schmidt has always been Brownback’s top defender as he underfunded public schools. Schmidt even argued the state didn’t need to balance the budget, claiming, “if you read the letter of the law … it doesn’t say there has to be a balanced budget.

Schmidt also stood by Brownback as he stole from the state’s highway fund, robbing taxpayer funds meant for vital infrastructure projects to repair broken roads and bridges.

“Derek Schmidt has always stood by Sam Brownback and his decisions that devastated Kansas families and the economy,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Now, Schmidt’s refusing to answer a simple question about making sure those same fiscal disasters never happen again. The question still remains: will Derek Schmidt commit to vetoing another Brownback-style tax experiment?”