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WATCH: Dan Cox Wants to Ban Abortion Even When the Mother’s Life is At Stake

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A new report from WBAL is exposing how Dan Cox wants to ban abortion in all cases, even when a mother’s life is in danger. In a previously unreported statement, when asked in a candidate survey under circumstances abortion should be allowed in, Cox says “Never, so in the case of preventing the death of the mother, other lifesaving measures should be sought.”

Watch the clip on Dan Cox’s extreme abortion stance here. 

Cox has campaigned with the slogan, “it’s your freedom,” but his dangerous and extreme abortion stance would take away Maryland women’s freedom and put their lives at stake.

“Dan Cox is an extremist who wants to dismantle women’s freedoms and their right to make their own medical decisions,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “His dangerous and extreme stance on abortion would be a death sentence for Maryland women. Marylanders’ freedoms are on the ballot in the governors’ race, and Dan Cox has made it clear he’d rip them away if elected.”