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WATCH: CNN Highlights Republicans Endorsing Democrats in Gov Races

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Yesterday, CNN’s Senior Political Analyst John Avlon highlighted the growing number of Republicans who have endorsed Democrats in key governor’s races like Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, among others.

Watch the segment here.

“One of the main themes of these cross-party endorsements is old-school center-right Republicans standing up to Trumpist election deniers who have taken over the base of their party,” Avlon reported.

CNN highlighted how over 100 Republicans have endorsed Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly, including two former Republican governors and a former GOP senator. Additionally, both Josh Shapiro and Katie Hobbs have earned significant endorsements from in-state Republicans.

Beyond the states highlighted by CNN, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is backed by a group of over 150 Michigan Republicans, including business leaders, former lawmakers, and staff of former Republican governors.

DGA Communications Director David Turner said: “While GOP candidates push election conspiracy theories and extreme abortion bans, Democratic governors and candidates are running on protecting freedoms and kitchen table issues that anyone can get behind. That’s why they’re earning widespread support across party lines — and will continue to build broad coalitions all the way through Election Day.”