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WATCH: CNN Highlights How Brian Kemp is Quickly Losing Allies Ahead of “Bloody Republican Primary”

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As Brian Kemp faces ongoing attacks from his own party, New York Times’ Jonathan Martin warned on a CNN Panel yesterday that a Trump-backed primary challenge from former Sen. David Perdue “could really create a bloody Republican primary for the first half of the year and give Abrams a better chance.” Watch the clip here

Martin also added that there was chatter at the recent Republican Governors Association conference that Perdue would be a better candidate because Trump is “dead-set against Kemp” and will “undermine him in a general election.” 

This comes as Stacey Abrams’ entrance to the race triggered a landslide of bad news for Kemp. The Cook Political Report immediately changed their race rating from Lean Republican to Toss Up, saying, “Kemp is the most vulnerable Republican incumbent on the map.” And Trump continued his repeated attacks on Kemp, saying, “the MAGA base will just not vote for [Kemp]” and threatening to back a primary challenger once again.

Also this week, Fox News talking heads said Kemp should bow out to make way for Perdue, and OANN boosted another challenger, Vernon Jones. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Kemp is vulnerable amidst the “ongoing feuding among Georgia Republicans,” adding that “Trump and his loyalists have vowed to exact revenge on Kemp.”

“Brian Kemp’s brutal week just keeps getting worse and worse,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “While Stacey Abrams is uniting Georgians, Donald Trump continues to encourage a primary challenge against Kemp, and even the RGA seems ready to jump off his sinking ship. If Kemp survives this chaotic GOP infighting, he’ll still be stuck with a divided party and a failed record of making life worse for Georgia families.”