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WATCH: Bevin Running Mate Scandal Drags Down Reelection Effort

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“This isn’t the first time [Alvarado’s] name has come up with some sketchy allegations”

“He is the exact example of what you don’t want in politicians.”

The brewing scandal around Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s running mate, state Sen. Ralph Alvarado, doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. The Courier Journal reported earlier this week that Alvarado allegedly received ‘illicit’ gifts as part of a larger potential Medicare fraud scheme. Now, the hosts of WLEX’s popular talk show Hey Kentucky! have some harsh words for the embattled politician and talk about the terrible start to Bevin’s reelection bid.
Watch their comments HERE and HERE:

JOSH CORMAN: “This isn’t the first time his name has come up with some sketchy allegations. I know there’s some nursing homes that have come under some scrutiny. And so right at the launch of a campaign year, having to deal with this where your name is again associated with people doing things that seem like they are over those ethical lines, it can’t be good for him.” 
MATT JONES: “He continually is involved in stuff like this. He has relationships with these entities, some of which are financial, and then he goes an tries to make laws that benefit him. He is the exact example of what you don’t want in politicians.”