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Washington Post: Mark Robinson “Downplayed” Sexual Assault and Made Light of Victims’ Suffering

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Washington Post: Mark Robinson “Downplayed” Sexual Assault and Made Light of Victims’ Suffering

“Mark Robinson has spent years repeatedly questioning the veracity of women who accuse prominent men of violence.”

A new investigation by the Washington Post reveals how Mark Robinson has spent years “downplaying and making light of sexual assault and domestic violence.”

On his Facebook page, Robinson has spent the last decade questioning the “credibility of women who aired allegations of sexual assault against prominent men” including victims of Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby. Robinson even seemingly defended men credibly accused of sexual assault and violence as “sacrificial lambs” being “slaughtered.”

In 2014, Robinson made a post suggesting Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice’s fiancée was at fault after video showed Rice knocking her unconscious in an Atlantic City casino. In the post, Robinson wrote to Rice’s “lady friend” saying that “I’m a 350lb man but aint no way in HELL I’m gonna’ slap no pro football player,” because he is “to old for an a$$whoopin’.”

The Post highlights that even amidst Robinson’s long record of dangerous and hateful rhetoric, “his comments on domestic violence and sexual assault stand out for their tone and frequency, as well as Robinson’s repeated questioning of accusers.”

Robinson’s tendency to mock and question victims of domestic violence and sexual assault is just the latest example of how he has made women the target of his extreme and dangerous rhetoric, including telling pregnant women “it’s not your body anymore,” and railing against women who get an abortion, saying they “weren’t responsible enough to keep [their] skirt down.”

“Mark Robinson’s appalling comments attacking sexual assault survivors and downplaying domestic violence are the latest reminder that he is dangerous and wrong for North Carolina,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “Robinson is taking every chance he gets to prove to North Carolina women that they would be infinitely less safe with him in the governor’s mansion.”