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Washington Post Column Touts Gov. Walz’s “Minnesota Miracle”

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Washington Post Column Touts Gov. Walz’s “Minnesota Miracle” 

A new story from the Washington Post yesterday highlights how after winning big in 2022 Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is delivering with historic success, calling the slate of policies enacted to help the working families in Minnesota “a wonder to behold.”

In what’s being called “The Minnesota Miracle,” Gov. Walz has both addressing the biggest issues facing the state and also protecting fundamental freedoms from future right-wing attacks, including codifying abortion rights, expanding family and medical leave, expanding voting rights, investing $1 billion in affordable housing, reducing child poverty, and making historic investments in public education, including free breakfast and lunch for all Minnesota K-12 students.

Gov. Walz told the Washington Post: “I thought this would be a once-in-a-generation opportunity, and it should be viewed that way, and I’ve always said you don’t win elections to bank political capital. You win elections to burn the capital to improve lives.”

Gov. Walz added: “There’s nothing extreme about feeding kids…There’s nothing extreme about women making their own health-care decisions.”Click here to read the full column.