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Washington GOP Candidates Take The Gloves Off Ahead Of Convention

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Washington GOP Candidates Take The Gloves Off Ahead Of Convention

New reporting from The Seattle Times details the brewing intra-party brawl happening between GOP candidates Semi Bird and Dave Reichert ahead of next week’s chaotic convention, where the Washington Republican state party will make an endorsement for governor.

The Seattle Times noted how the fight for the nomination is more about Bird and Reichert’s support of former President Donald Trump than any policy issue, noting, “Bird is unabashed in his support for Donald Trump,” while Reichert still “won’t say whether he supports him this year.

In an effort to limit the nasty party infighting of years past, the Washington GOP state party has asked candidates “to sign a pledge to abide by the convention endorsement outcome, with the losers dropping out and endorsing the winner.” However, only Semi Bird had signed the pledge, according to State GOP Chair Jim Walsh.

The Seattle Times also noted that no matter who gets the endorsement, the convention is still only setting the stage for a months-long battle between Reichert and Bird.

“With nasty attacks already being thrown from both sides, next week’s Washington GOP convention is shaping up to be full of chaotic and messy infighting,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “While Dave Reichert and Semi Bird battle it out, the people of Washington will see them both for who they truly are: Trump loyalists who want to bring his extreme agenda to the doorstep of Washington families.”