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WaPo: Gillespie “Visibly Irritated” by Trump Questions

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Ed Gillespie, who has been walking a Trump tightrope across Virginia for months now, grew “visibly irritated” during a recent interview when asked about his attempts to appeal to Trump supporters in a state where the President himself is toxic.
The Washington Post reported: 
Gillespie, in an interview, brushed off questions about navigating the GOP’s breach and was visibly irritated when asked about Trump.
… That afternoon, Gillespie was at his campaign headquarters desk, bristling as he faced more questions about Trump.
No, he didn’t know the president would endorse him.
No, he had not asked for Trump’s blessing.
“Can we go off the record?” Gillespie asked before saying, “I’m not going to talk about this.”
“It’s no wonder the Trump situation is ‘irritating’ Gillespie—his absurd triangulations aren’t fooling anyone,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Ed Gillespie should stop these ridiculous games and just admit to voters that he is Donald Trump’s endorsed candidate for Governor.”