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Walker Stapleton Glossed Over LG Pick’s Involvement In One Of The Biggest Scandals In Military History

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Colorado Sun report raises new questions about Stapleton’s lack of judgment

On Friday, the Colorado Sun released a bombshell report on GOP Lt. Governor Nominee Lang Sias’ involvement in the Tailhook sexual assault scandal, one of the largest scandals in military history.
In an interview with the Colorado Sun, Sias repeatedly refused to answer key questions regarding his involvement at a conference where he was spotted at a party where women performed sexual acts on service members.
Sias’ non-responses only raised more questions about his actions on a weekend that a Department of Defense report concluded “83 women and seven men were assaulted.”
More troubling is the fact the Stapleton campaign, and presumably Stapleton himself, knew about the troubling history of his hand-picked candidate for lieutenant governor prior to making the selection.
This raises real questions about Walker Stapleton’s lack of judgment, and whether he is adequately equipped to be governor of Colorado.
“Will Walker Stapleton keep Lang Sias as his running mate?” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “He may have believed he could ignore Sias’ involvement in the Tailhook scandal when he hand-picked him to be his running mate, but he cannot brush off the latest round of questions. Stapleton’s lack of judgment is obvious, and Coloradans deserve a leader who won’t so cavalierly set aside real concerns about his lieutenant governor.”