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Walker-Endorsed GOP Tax Plan Passes

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Governor Walker Supported Raising Taxes For Thousands of Wisconsin Middle-Class Families

Today, the Congressional tax bill endorsed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is on its way to becoming law.  

The Senate passed the tax reform bill today that will raise taxes on Wisconsin middle-class families, giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy, and ballooning the national debt.  

“Republicans in Congress just voted to raise taxes on Wisconsin middle-class families and Scott Walker cheered them on,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Now as he runs for reelection, he will have to explain to Wisconsin voters why he supported raising their taxes. Governor Walker decided to stand with Washington Congressional Republicans instead of the middle-class families of Wisconsin. Next year, voters will have an opportunity to send a message to Governor Walker about his wrong priorities.” 



Governor Scott Walker Supported the GOP Tax Plan (R, WI): “Our nation’s tax code, on the other hand, is outdated and in desperate need of reform. Due to the incomprehensible regulations and untold pages of forms and instructions, nearly 90 percent of taxpayers need external help to simply comply with paying their taxes. Across the country, this time and energy spent adds up to some 6 billion hours and $15-16 billion in tax compliance costs, according to the Internal Revenue Service and the National Federation of Independent Business.” [White House, State and Local Leaders Push for Tax Reform, 12/12/17]