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WA GOP’s Chaotic Convention Kicks Off Today, Highlighting Messy Primary Between Reichert and Bird

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WA GOP’s Chaotic Convention Kicks Off Today, Highlighting Messy Primary Between Reichert and Bird

Today marks the start of the Washington State Republican Party’s convention where, for the first time, the Party will endorse a candidate in the primary for governor. This weekend will highlight the messy primary between former U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert and far-right former school board member Semi Bird.

Despite his increased name recognition, fundraising advantage, and serving seven terms in Congress, many are suggesting that Reichert will be locked in a very bitter and competitive endorsement fight: 

  • The Seattle Times
    • “…a substantial number of GOP activists are pushing to endorse Semi Bird,” who has “attracted grassroots support and racked up endorsements from 16 county party organizations.”
    • “Bird is unabashed in his support for Donald Trump, saying he voted for the presumptive GOP nominee in the state’s recent presidential primary.”
    • “No one knows which way the GOP’s solidly pro-Trump base will turn when roughly 2,200 delegates vote on their endorsement on April 20, with the winner receiving what the state party has said will be its ‘full and exclusive support.’”
    • State GOP Chair Jim Walsh: “I think it’s going to be a real race, and I don’t know who is going to prevail.”
  • Washington State Standard
    • “…better-known and financed Republican office-seekers,” including Dave Reichert, “may not get endorsed…”
    • Bird “is the pre-convention favorite to get the party’s nod,” citing Reichert’s “decision to not endorse Trump in 2016 and current silence on the former president’s bid for the Oval Office…”
  • Cascadia Advocate
    • “Many Republican PCOs and activists like Bird, and if enough delegates to this weekend’s Washington State Republican Convention in Spokane were to vote for him, he could get the party’s endorsement, which would be a major embarrassment for Reichert.”  

“No matter who gets the endorsement this weekend, you can bet that the Washington GOP will leave Spokane only further divided,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “Both Reichert and Bird have proven they are far too extreme to be Washington’s next governor, and after this weekend will have to continue running to the far-right to bring together what’s left of the state’s deeply divided GOP.”