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WA GOP Candidate Semi Bird’s Campaign Takes Flight, Secures State GOP Endorsement Over Reichert

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WA GOP Candidate Semi Bird’s Campaign Takes Flight, Secures State GOP Endorsement Over Reichert

After more than 24 hours of intra-party brawling – and after former Congressman Dave Reichert bowed out in a desperate attempt to try to save face when it was clear he would lose – the Washington State Republican Party has finally made an endorsement in the 2024 gubernatorial primary, endorsing Semi Bird, a disgraced former Board of Education member who has barely raised any money for his campaign.

DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy released the following statement on the Washington State Republican Party’s endorsement of Semi Bird: 

“This is a complete and total disaster for former Congressman Dave Reichert. Not only does he bring to this race his long right-wing, anti-abortion record, but after all that time he can’t even rally the support of his own party’s grassroots base, and would rather cry foul over the process than face the embarrassment of losing to an unknown and underfunded candidate.

“These results are further proof that from now through August 6th, Washington Republicans will remain locked in a messy primary battle that is already forcing them to stake out even more extreme territory. Whichever of these candidates makes it to the general election will emerge deeply damaged and with their dangerous agenda on full display for Washington voters to reject.”

Today’s vote comes after the Seattle Times reported that Bird had “attracted grassroots support and racked up endorsements from 16 county party organizations” — nearly half of the local parties in the state — and that Bird is an unapologetic supporter of Trump, while Reichert wouldn’t “say whether he supports him this year.”