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Virginia Republicans’ Refusal to Take Pandemic Seriously Puts Lives At Risk As Chase Campaign Fails to Disclose COVID-19 Exposure to Volunteers

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Volunteers for the Amanda Chase gubernatorial campaign were exposed to COVID-19 at an event with the state Senator last weekend – but true to form, the Chase campaign failed to notify its most ardent supporters of the exposure. Chase even questioned the motives of the volunteer who tested positive for COVID-19, saying, “I don’t know if this is a hit job on my campaign.”

Chase and the Virginia GOP have refused to take the pandemic seriously from the beginning, and have even gone so far as to spread disinformation about the virus. Chase has also held maskless, indoor campaign events and refused to wear a mask at work to protect others – especially dangerous considering she was exposed to the virus this past weekend and was at the Senate this week.

Chase’s Republican opponents have also put lives at risk with their own lies about the virus and their refusal to listen to public health experts. Kirk Cox has criticized Gov. Northam’s COVID-19 safety measures, which have been proven to save lives, and Pete Snyder falsely claimed mandates in states run by Democrats were not backed by science. The VA GOP candidates are in a race to the far right – one that could be hazardous to public health.

“The Virginia GOP’s politicization of the pandemic is a public health hazard,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “The Chase campaign’s failure to take the virus seriously and notify their volunteers of exposure put lives at risk. As Virginia recovers from the pandemic, it is vital that the commonwealth’s leader is someone who puts public health above politics and makes decisions backed by science.”