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Virginia GOP Candidate Amanda Chase Demands Trump Invoke Martial Law to Prevent a Biden Presidency

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Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate and self-proclaimed “Trump in heels” Amanda Chase released a statement this morning urging Donald Trump to “declare martial law” and proclaiming she will never accept the results of the 2020 election.

The Virginia GOP has embraced Donald Trump’s campaign to attack our democratic elections – on election night, VAGOP Chairman Rich Anderson released a statement saying he was confident Trump would win Virginia, “despite Democrats’ best attempts to manufacture votes in key states.” Chase has been campaigning for Trump across the commonwealth, without a mask, headlining “Stop the Steal” rallies and spreading baseless claims of voter fraud. And Chase’s GOP opponent, Kirk Cox, has yet to acknowledge Biden’s victory, even after the Electoral College voted to make the election results official.

Chase and the Virginia GOP’s refusal to accept the outcome of a democratic election could do lasting damage to our democracy and undermine future elections. It’s clear the Virginia GOP can’t be trusted.

“Amanda Chase, Kirk Cox, and Virginia Republicans have fully embraced Donald Trump’s extremist brand of politics,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “Chase’s campaign to undermine the election results in Virginia is nothing less than an attack on our democracy – and it should disqualify her from being a candidate for governor. These baseless attacks on our elections just to pander to Chase’s far-right, Trumpian base is why the Virginia GOP isn’t trusted in the commonwealth.”