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VIDEO: Where Have We Heard That Before? Scott Walker Says He’ll Serve Full Term As Governor

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Flashback: Walker Made Same Promise in 2014 Before Breaking It In 2015 for Presidential Bid

Yesterday, Scott Walker promised “I will never willingly leave the role as governor through this next coming term,” at which the people of Wisconsin laughed. Walker made a similar vow in a debate in 2014 yet abandoned Wisconsin only a few months later and announced he would run for President (a race he lost in spectacular fashion). Video of Walker’s 2014 pledge is available HERE.

“Fool me once, shame on you, Governor Walker. But Wisconsin voters won’t be fooled again,” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “The people of Wisconsin know that Walker has put his national political ambition ahead of the people of their state at every turn, and they’ve had enough. Wisconsin needs a full-time leader, not a ladder-climbing jet-setter who cares more about his future career than his current job.”
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported:

Gov. Scott Walker — who mounted a brief bid for the presidency just months after winning re-election in 2014 — pledged Monday to serve a full four years if he’s elected to a third term in November. 
…Walker’s comment was similar to one he made just weeks before he was re-elected in 2014. During a debate with Democratic opponent Mary Burke that October, Walker said: “My plan is if the people of the state of Wisconsin elect me on November 4 is to be here for four years.” 
Within a few months, he began exploring and then pursuing his bid for the presidency, which he abandoned in September 2015.
“Governor Walker has already demonstrated that Wisconsin voters cannot take him at his word when it comes to his commitment to this state,” said Joe Zepecki, a Democratic consultant who helped run Burke’s campaign. 
“The political peril he finds himself in today is a direct result of putting his own political fortunes ahead of the voters he was elected to serve.” 

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