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VIDEO: When Virginians Get Health Care, Glenn Youngkin Gets “Sad”: DGA Launches New Video Slamming Youngkin’s Opposition to Medicaid Expansion

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Today, the DGA launched a new video showcasing Glenn Youngkin’s opposition to expanding Medicaid, a move that expanded health care to more than half a million Virginians who were previously uninsured. Youngkin lamented the critical measure to increase health care access, which was championed under Democratic leadership, calling it “sad.” 

Watch the new video here

Youngkin’s staunch rejection of an initiative widely supported by Virginians mirrors that of his top endorser, Donald Trump, who tried and failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act and strip health care coverage from millions of Americans. Youngkin’s entire campaign platform is essentially copy-pasted from the disgraced former president’s toxic agenda, such as his pledge to fight non-existent voter fraud, which takes a page straight out of Donald Trump’s conspiracy theory playbook. 

While making every effort to embrace Donald Trump’s dangerous and failed policies, Youngkin opposes the overwhelmingly popular measures that would help Virginians, from raising the minimum wage to the critical aid passed in the American Rescue Plan.

“Glenn Youngkin is an out-of-touch millionaire who has no idea the life-changing difference that policies like Medicaid expansion have made for Virginians,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “He’s spent the entirety of his campaign mimicking Donald Trump and pushing an extreme and unpopular agenda that would hurt working families. Virginians have seen this agenda before and have demonstrated time and time again that they won’t stand for it.”