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VIDEO: When Is 100% Not 100%? #KnuteMath

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Buehler Caught on Camera Admitting His Bad Record on Choice
Either Knute Buehler is lying about his record, or he needs to go back to remedial math class.
Buehler launched a TV ad last week proclaiming to be “100% pro-choice.” But when asked on Sunday about his vote against Oregon’s Reproductive Health Equity Act to codify Roe v. Wade into state law, Buehler’s statistics fell apart.
On KATU’s Your Voice, Your Vote, Buehler responded, “One vote on one bill does not make me not pro-choice. I’m 100% pro-choice.”
That sure doesn’t sound like how percentages work.
In fact, this “one bill” is the only vote Buehler has cast on choice issues–making his actual record closer to 0%.
“Knute Buehler will stop at nothing to cover up his real anti-choice record, even ignoring the basic laws of mathematics,” said Democratic Governors Association Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “He admitted on video that he voted against Oregon’s historic pro-choice legislation last year, so maybe he should re-crunch the numbers on his bogus 100% claim. It’s time for Knute Buehler to stop lying to the voters of Oregon about his record.”
For video of this segment of Buehler’s appearance on Your Voice, Your Vote, click HERE