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VIDEO: “Trump Voters in Iowa Tell Us Why They Like the Democrat Running For Governor” on Morning Joe

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“A Look At The Ingredients to a Midwestern Comeback”

Today, Morning Joe highlighted Democrats’ midwestern comeback, focusing on Fred Hubbell’s race for Governor of Iowa against “Trump-loving Governor Kim Reynolds.”
NBC’s Vaughn Hillyard spoke with voters in Iowa who voted for President Trump in 2016 but are planning on backing Democrat Fred Hubbell, a businessman with a “low-key demeanor that is the opposite of Trump’s.”
One staunch Trump fan said he is supporting Hubbell because, “hey, he’s a good man,” while another Trump voter said he was leaning towards backing Hubbell in November. An independent 2016 voter said she would be backing Hubbell this year because of education and health care, saying, “he’s a little bit more in tune with what people want.”
Watch video of this segment HERE